How Much are the Attorney's Fees?

My customary fees are computed on the basis of $300.00/billable hour plus all out-of-pocket fees, costs and expenses that are incurred on your behalf. Every time I do something on your behalf, I record that fact on a separate time-sheet on which I write your name, the date on which the service is performed or expense is incurred, a brief description of the service or expense, and the time spent measured in fractions of an hour, e.g 0.10 means 1/10 of 1.00 hour or 0.50 means 30 minutes. When some combination of these services total 1.00 hours that is a "billable hour" and you will be charged $300.00 for each such hour. All of your time-slips are kept on a running ledger which also includes all of the above information as well as your current attorney's fees account balance.

Typically, after I have met with you and discussed your legal problem, I will ask you to sign a Retainer Agreement and pay a stated amount. That amount will be based on your particular situation, and what my training and experience tells me is a reasonable minimum fee. This fee is non-refundable, but it does count fully against the total number of your billable hours and costs. As stated elsewhere, the initial consultation fee is generally waived/included in this retainer amount if you decide to retain me.

In some instances where the required services are fairly common or routine, I likely will charge a "fixed fee". This fee will be stated in the Retainer Agreement, with the provision that if there are unexpected fees or costs, you will pay the difference upon my billing you.

Where fees and costs exceed paid in amounts, you will receive an itemized monthly statement detailing these.

You may request a "fixed fee" arrangement for non-routine services, and I will consider that if you really do insist. However, please understand that in doing so you are asking me to "guess" about the "unknown", as legal journeys tend to be just that "a journey". Some journeys take a predictable path but many do not and in fact encounter one or more unexpected obstacles or detours along the way. My point here is that because of the unexpected and unknown almost always encountered when handling individual problems the making of a fixed fee is really an estimate and not an exact science that is readily susceptible of finite predictions. Therefore, because of that and the fact that I will have to cover my overhead expenses and income requirements, the resultant fee is likely to be higher than the hourly fee charges above.

** Finally, as a special note regarding my fees, I do offer a substantial discount of my fees [usually around 15%] to teachers, law-enforcement personnel, fire-fighters, and active duty military and their dependents while on active duty.